Tumor Removed Through Prayer |

Tumor Removed Through Prayer

from B. B. in Florida

I was in such a dark place for a long time, feeling lost, scared, angry, ill, and utterly heartbroken. At the darkest hour I contacted a practitioner in Plainfield Church. I found the website from listening to a reading of Martha Wilcox on YouTube.

Within just a few days of calling the practitioner, a large painful tumor was expelled from the body and I was able to dress and go to work without discomfort. It was an amazing demonstration, but the most wonderful thing was that I felt a joy I never felt before. I became aware of my true being. Many other blessed demonstrations of Truth have manifested for which I am truly grateful. Now, when the “mist” seems to rise again, I know where to find the light.

Thanks be to our Father-Mother God, Christian Science, and all of you at Plainfield Church for everything.

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