Wonderful proof of God’s power |

Wonderful proof of God’s power

C. C., New Jersey

My daughter in law, who is not a Christian Scientist yet, was in labor, preparing to give birth to her first child. After quite a time, I began to have the feeling that things were taking very long and might not be progressing as they should. Remembering the wonderful experience I’d had delivering my own children through Christian Science, I called a Plainfield practitioner and asked for help with the situation. The practitioner said to remember, “My times are in Thy hand,” and that the birth would be quick, easy, and natural, because that’s how God works!

Early that afternoon, my son called to say that the baby had been born. He told me that the progress had been halted for several hours, and that the doctor was preparing to induce labor. But he said that at about 11:00 a.m., all of a sudden “things really kicked in.” The doctor decided he wouldn’t need to give her any medication, and in a very short time his son was born. I told him that was the time I called the practitioner. He thanked me for doing that, and was extremely grateful for the help.

What a powerful healing! I am very grateful to God and to the practitioner for this wonderful proof of God’s power.

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