Workplace Strife Healed

S. W., New Jersey

Several weeks ago I had a healing of seeing the owner of the company that I work for as obnoxious and controlling to all his employees. When he spoke to anyone, it was in attack mode. Through the prayers of a practitioner in the Plainfield Church, I was healed of seeing him incorrectly and learned to see him as a child of God. I was given statements as, “You work for God,” “God put you in that position and He holds you there,” and “The only thing he can do is to bless you.”

The practitioner continued to pray, and I saw the owner as a perfect child of God, loving and kind and knowing that God was in control.

Three weeks ago my boss was on vacation and since I was next in command, I had to work directly with the owner. I prayed every time I needed to speak to him, and the experience was wonderful! He was kind and listened to what I had to say, and we even had a few laughs together. Only God could have healed this situation. This man had been so unpleasant to everyone, and now he is a complete gem. In our last meeting, I was given a compliment by the owner and my boss almost fell off her chair.

God can and will heal every situation that we experience. I am so grateful that I can call on a Plainfield practitioner, who always turns me to God and every problem turns into a blessing. Thank God for Christian Science.

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