God Provides Proper Employment

from Australia

In Australia, like many other countries, they brought in jab mandates in many industries. Our family made a personal decision not to take the injections, and we knew this could impact my husband’s job of IT sales, but we also knew God is our source of supply.

A survey was taken by my husband’s company asking employees if they were willing to work in the office with others who were not jabbed, and they were not, so my husband was not able to stay in his position. My husband started to look for employment, but many companies said the jab was required.

I asked my Plainfield practitioner for prayerful support and she was steadfast in her trust that God would find a way. Within one half hour of her email, a recruitment agent called my husband about an opportunity with a smaller IT company. After a series of interviews, he was offered the job. What was interesting was that they didn’t ask about jab status, so we thought it wasn’t an issue. However, on his first day at work he was asked to upload his vaccine certificate. Again I emailed my practitioner, and she assured me that God had brought him the job and He would not let us down. His managers agreed he could work completely from home, and he has become a very valued member of the team. He has been able to do his job with great success. In recent months he has been able to see his customers again and he is enjoying his current employment much more than the last one.

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