The Father’s Business

from M. A. in California

Due to some financial issues, I had decided to work a second job, working for one of the large ride share companies that allow you to turn a personal car into a taxi service business.

On one particular day, I was not getting any customers contacting me. This was worrisome because the agreement I had with this company gave me a weekly quota of customers. I was only a few hours away from having to meet that quota, and it looked highly unlikely that I would meet that deadline.

I pulled over to park, and reached for a book I found out about from the Plainfield Church that I’ve been bringing with me lately, Christian Science, Its “Clear Correct Teaching” and Complete Writings by Herbert W. Eustace, C.S.B.

In that book, there is a treasure trove of examples of how to think metaphysically about certain challenges and I found a section called “Poor Business.” To paraphrase, it explains that the only real business is the activity of the one Divine Mind, and that activity can only be as perfect as God is perfect. There can be no surplus or any deficiency of anything that God has made. Everything is in its right place, and the real job of anyone in any business is to actively, diligently, go about their Father’s business.

I spent only a few minutes praying with these ideas before I felt a strong sense of reassurance that I had gotten what I needed for that situation. I then turned my car back on and got back on the road.

Several minutes later, I started getting called by customers, one after another after another. The calls didn’t stop for the rest of that morning, until I finally realized I had met the quota I needed.

As someone who was raised to be a card-carrying member of the mainstream C.S. Boston organization, I know, had I still been under the delusion that they had the final say on Christian Science, I never would have been independently minded enough to read something like Herbert Eustace’s book. I’ve learned through the independent Plainfield Church, that the “Authorized Literature” label that the Boston organization uses to discredit anything it doesn’t control is completely fraudulent.

I am very grateful for the Plainfield Church and the moral courage it has shown, in making authentic Christian Science available to the whole world.

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