Finances Met After Retirement

L.T. from NY.

I am so grateful to God for His provision in my time of need. I was new to Christian Science when I was forced out of my job, because of a back injury. I immediately put in my paper work to retire. I didn’t realize that it would take so long to start receiving my retirement checks. I became very worried about how I was going to pay my bills. I became angry at my situation and scared to the point of feeling ill. I called my Practitioner for help. She explained to me that God was the source of all supply and said she would pray.

Within a few days a friend of mine called and asked if I would paint a huge sign on the front of his maple syrup business. I started to panic a little because I had never done such a large project before and it was to be painted on a metal building with huge maple leaves as accents. I called my Practitioner again and gave her the news along with all my fears. She assured me that this was God’s provision for me, so I agreed to do the work. I wondered how I was going to do it but the answers to all my questions came through very clearly. It was quite an undertaking, twenty feet in the air, cradled in a man lift. When I was finished my friend asked if I would paint maple leaves on the floor inside and I quickly agreed. Soon after I got another painting job inside a friend’s house. I began to understand how faithfully God provides for those who are willing to hear His voice and obey. It was so important that I did not let fear keep me from taking the action necessary to improve my situation. Since then, I have never felt that lack of financial security.

I am so grateful to my Practitioner for her guidance and prayers, as I worked my way through this very valuable lesson. It was a starting point in trust for me and it just kept of giving. Prior to that, I had never run a pottery shop, but with the help of Christian Science and all that I am learning, I have been able to do that successfully, for the past five years and it is still moving every forward.

I am grateful to God, Mary Baker Eddy and my Practitioner for her very valuable teachings.

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