Healing of Crohn’s

from L. S. in Ohio

A few weeks ago, my college-aged daughter (who is not a Christian Scientist) arrived home early from a date, reporting that her stomach hurt badly. Throughout the evening she couldn’t find any comfortable position, and the pain and symptoms seemed to intensify. I prayed throughout the night, but by morning she decided she needed medical attention, which I respected. After arriving at the ER, I requested support from a Plainfield practitioner to help with my fear — fear for my daughter’s condition, as well as the fear of the current virus and its association with hospitals.

Not long after arriving, the ER doctor said that she was being admitted for two days. They made dire predictions that the catscan suggested she had Crohn’s disease. Practitioner suggested that I focus on radiating God’s Love, not absorbing the errors being presented. She suggested I reread the article, “Radiation and Absorption” by A. Learner, available on the Plainfield website. The article asks, “Am I radiating good or am I absorbing evil?” This was not an easy task for me to concentrate on, as medical personnel kept coming in and out with various interruptions and disquieting thoughts. So I kept it simple and worked to radiate God’s qualities.

The article also says, “As man cannot at the same time radiate and absorb, by constantly sending forth thoughts of Love, Life, and Truth whenever a delusion of their opposites presents itself, he may have a veritable armor against fears of weakness of every description, and so keep prepared for, and guard against, attacks from all directions.”

Not long after, Kayla’s pain was eliminated. She took no more pain medication after about 6:00 in the evening, and remained pain free. By morning she was itching to leave, yet the doctors were not on board. We insisted that we needed to be at home. They finally agreed if we would follow up with a colonoscopy within the next two weeks. Kayla remained pain free after we arrived home. I am happy to say, she went for the doctor-driven colonoscopy and there was nothing negative to be seen. The doctor said he no longer suspected any disease, and although he didn’t know what caused it, there was nothing there now.

I realize that the healing came within those first few hours under practitioner support. Kayla’s origin was never in matter. Her “being” is derived directly from God as His image and likeness. The dramatic and quick changes were evidence of God’s care for us. When it came time for her to return to her student teaching position the next day, error took one more stab at our peace. She was tired and overwhelmed by the changes happening with her position due to the threat of school closings. Practitioner was there to support us through that day, and I can happily report that the feelings of being overwhelmed quickly resolved.

I am so grateful for the support of our loving Plainfield practitioners. These past weeks it has been so nice to share supportive articles and the website with my friends from Principia. One said that he shared the article “Wonderful Things are Happening,” by Dorothy B. Rieke with his family, and they all agreed that it was such a great article, and marveled how they had never read articles like that before in their mainstream CS church. What a positive affirmation to Plainfield Church for their access to articles from early workers of Christian Science. Thank you all!

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