Home Discord Healed

E. C. from Florida

My home had become very agitated and stressful. I became very troubled by this and called a practitioner for help. She said she would pray for me and asked me to work with the 91st Psalm, and also the “Morning Prayer in Mrs. Eddy’s Household,” which can be found on page 140 of the book, Watches, Prayers and Arguments.

The beginning of this prayer reads, “This is God’s spiritual household. Nothing can enter to annoy or destroy. Nothing can enter to manifest sin, sickness or discouragement, for God, good, keeps this household in perfect peace.” I was also encouraged to listen to our church services. I began to receive them on CD, and later was able to hear the services via the phone. I worked diligently with the 91st Psalm, the prayer by Mrs. Eddy, and also filled my home with the healing presence of our church services.

I recently was able to report such a difference! My home is now filled with the power and the presence of God, and the agitation and upset that had been there before is entirely gone! Every member of my household has responded to this new regime — God’s regime. And there is now cooperation and love instead of argument and negativity.

I am so grateful for this healing and for the help of the practitioner. I am very thankful I found Plainfield Church many years ago. It has brought healing and joy into my life. Thank God for Mary Baker Eddy and pure Christian Science as practiced and lived in Plainfield!

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