Burn Healed Through Prayer

Sandy from N.C.

I’m very grateful for the teachings of Mary Baker Eddy, and I’m very grateful for the website. For a couple of months I was unemployed. My husband is no longer working, so I have been praying to get a job. I prayed and I got a job. I’m in training for this job and there is a lot to learn. Before last Sunday, I was learning the equipment and one of the pieces of equipment landed in my right hand. It was a first degree burn.

Years ago, I read some Christian Science Journals and some other materials, where a Christian Science Nurse talked about how a Christian Scientist works, and how the work is done. I was listening to the Wednesday service, but I couldn’t listen to it all because I had to go back to my training. My hand was still burning and the next day it was all inflamed. I didn’t do anything, I just bandaged it and went about going back to my training. My husband knows about this wonderful church, and when I was leaving for work about five in the morning, he said to me, “Remember, you’re a Christian Scientist. Remember what you have learned at the Independent Church.” So I kept reading things on the website. I put a bandage on and it was painful, but I went to work. On Sunday I had to work, but I was listening to the Sunday service. The hymn was “His Eye is on the Sparrow, and I know He watches over me.” I started taking every word and doing the synonyms with every word about that sparrow, that little bird. I changed the bandage and washed my hand. The company made me go to the Doctors because of Workman’s Compensation. I went to the Doctors, and they took the bandage off, this happened today. As I am talking to you guys, I am holding my cell phone in my right hand. I have no pain, there is no burning, because I know there is no burning in the Mind of God.

Through this Church I have had so many healing’s. I am trying very hard to try to teach my husband what I am learning, so I took personal responsibility. I listen to the Roundtables and I leave my husband Sean to Father Mother God. Now my husband enjoys listening to the Roundtables, and he says remember who you are. You love the Plainfield Independent Church. The work that you do in this church is unbelievable, with such humility. The services on Sundays are amazing. I don’t have enough words of gratitude. I wouldn’t have a job if it wasn’t for this Church, the Christ, Mary Baker Eddy, and this wonderful Plainfield practitioner. It takes time to understand that little book. Its digestion may be bitter, but will be a blessing in your life.

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