Child with Cough Healed

Benjamin from NJ

Last night I woke up in the middle of the night and I found out that my son was having trouble sleeping. He was coughing, I could hear him from my room. I was troubled a little bit and felt sorry for him. After a little while I went over to his room. I put my hand on him and said a short prayer to him, and let him know how much God loves him and then I went back to bed. I continued to know the truth that God loves all His little children and He would never let any one of them suffer. I continued to know this truth, and within a couple of minutes or so I didn’t hear him. He went straight to sleep. He never coughed, not even once anymore alll night to the morning. He was completely healed. I’m so grateful to God for His love. It’s true that He loves all of us, and He would never let any one of us suffer. No matter where you are, or where you find yourself, or what you’re going through, just know that God loves you. It’s not His will that any one of His children should suffer. I’m so grateful to God for what he’s doing in this Church. I’m so grateful that God brought me here. I am grateful to the members who have volunteered to have a playtime for our young children once a week and for the selfless work they are doing for all of our children in the Sunday School. My kids love it here, and it’s shining through their lives. They love coming here, and on Monday morning on the day they call Church School. They just can’t wait. They’ll say “are we going to Church School Dad?” They love coming to the Church School every Monday morning. I think the reason why is because of their teachers. You can see it in their lives, just shining through. I am so grateful, and I pray that God will bless them as well.

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