Child Healed of Accident Prone Behavior

Patricia from Canada

The mother of one of my Sunday School students approached me to ask me to pray for her daughter. She explained that the girl was very seriously accident prone, and that over the past six months, she had been injuring herself so frequently that the school nurse had called the mother to express extreme concern. There seemed to be fear that, although the child was intellectually quite bright, that there might be an emotional, mental or physical disorder. The youngster’s friends were also very worried for the child. The mother said that she had been praying without any apparent improvement.

Each evening, I prayed vehemently. I dismissed the idea that accidents could occur since God, divine Mind, would never cause them. Rather, God’s children are prone to freedom, integrity, and purity, and these cannot be hypnotized. God is the Great Physician. There is no influence from any source but God – Good. God’s infinite child has never been observed by finite medical studies and reports; never been categorized or viewed as a statistic… because false belief has no sense of the true spiritual child as God’s own reflection, and false belief cannot possibly measure infinity. God’s report is the Gospel truth… the good news! Each step of God’s children is ordered by the Divine Mind and Love. This eliminates any possibility of mental malpractice (whether well-meaning or aggressive). In Principle there is no such thing as disorder. By the third day, I happily knew that God’s child, like God, was never born into matter, and so has no age. There is no such thing as a seven year old Truth.There are no states nor stages of awkwardness in God. There is only His Grace expressing Himself.

By the following Sunday before class, the mother told me that I should stop praying because everything was quite normal. No one seemed to be thinking about the situation anymore. All praise be to God for this!

Thank God for the Plainfield church’s energetic teaching of Christian Science and its vibrant spiritual example.

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