Cough Healed

Several years ago I woke up with the symptoms of a cold. I knew it was not of God and that I did not have to have it. I also knew it was not the truth for anyone. I knew that I was wrapped in God’s love. I went on to read the weekly Bible Lesson. By the time I finished reading the Lesson I was completely healed.

The next morning on Wednesday I woke up with a cough. The first thought was, “Oh no I am going to be coughing and disrupting the service.” I had myself in a tizzy over this cough. I called a Plainfield practitioner. I told her the situation. Her response was, “Well if it wasn’t the truth yesterday it is not the truth today.” I started laughing and that broke the fear of the whole thing. I was completely healed of the cough.

I am very grateful for Christian Science and how practical it if for any situation.

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