Fractured Hip Bone Healed

R. H. B., Marshalltown, Iowa.

My first knowledge of Christian Science came about two years ago, through a friend who was healed by the treatment. She explained the truths to me whenever we met, and I gladly listened, as I had for years been a sufferer. I had given up medicine and doctors’ treatment, as I never had found any relief. Finally, by demonstrating what little I understood, I found relief for myself and also cured my child of the ailments that befell him.

Some months later I read Science and Health, and found all that good; but I could not understand the chapter on “Prayer and Atonement.” My prayer came to be, that, if this was real truth, God would, in some way, give me understanding to grasp it. I returned the book and awaited His time.

Eight months since, I had a fall which fractured the hip bone, rendering me unable to move for several weeks. A friend again brought me Science and Health and other Christian Science literature; all of which gave me unspeakable comfort. As I read, I gained more light as to the true Life and the unreality of evil; still, I could not seem to understand sufficiently to be satisfied of anything beyond the fact that it was the truth, and that my fall was the means of bringing it to me. I hungered and thirsted more and more after righteousness. Again I sent the book home. I had a great deal to contend with; the injured limb being crooked and much shorter than the other. Though the gain was slow, still I never gave up hope and faith in God. Two months ago a Scientist came here to heal, and kindly offered to give me treatment at a stated hour. I improved much faster. My limb was now straight and nearly as long as the other, but still weak; obliging me to use a cane. I did all my own housework, and could now walk several blocks at a time. I have been very anxious to get the full Spirit of Understanding, and have read Science and Health and the Bible all I possibly could.

Three weeks ago, when the half hour came for my treatment, I laid Science and Health by and began to treat myself, thinking I could get more benefit. I closed my eyes. In a few minutes I felt as if awakened from a sleep. I was in a Spiritual light, and saw my material body fall off like a shadow of sickness, sin, and death, I was Spiritual, with immortal body, perfect in every way. In that little shadow lying on the floor in front of me, was all that was material and unreal. I saw I never had fallen, never had suffered; but had simply been a slave to an unreal master— to that little shadow.

I got up and walked like a new being; neither lame nor weak, but perfect in every way. Then I could see that it was impossible for sickness, sin, or death to touch me. I was Spiritual and there was no diseases to cure. I saw others in that same perfect state. I then began to fear I could not exist in that way; still I did not want to leave it, as I experienced most supreme happiness. I now have more understanding, and can see more clearly how to heal others.

Excerpt From the March 1890 issue of The Christian Science Journal

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