Grief, Pain, and Lifetime Habit of Alcohol and Tobacco use Healed

S.V. – Pennsylvania

A lot of good has happened since I started working with a Christian Science practitioner in Plainfield a little over three months ago. I feel a transformation going on. Most of the fear that I was experiencing is gone. There is still an occasional day when I have some anxiety, but it’s not every day like it was. And I have finally been able to let go of obsessive grief over losing my husband, no longer wake up every morning with a sense of dread and emptiness.

I feel closer to God and talk to him throughout the day. I know He’s right here with me every step of the way. If someone is rude to me or cuts me off in traffic, instead of reacting in a negative way, more often than not I remember to ask myself “what would God do?” I’ve found that there are fewer and fewer occasions where people react to me negatively. Maybe that light the practitioner told me about is shining through me.

I had been having a problem with my right leg that was causing pretty severe pain from the back of my thigh all the way down into the calf. That problem has disappeared. A chronic intestinal problem has disappeared. I no longer have any desire for alcohol or tobacco, after a lifetime habit.

I know all of this good comes from God, but I couldn’t have done it without the help of the practitioner. Christian Science is making more sense to me with every progressive step.

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