Growth on Face Healed

Letter from California

Around 5 years ago I noticed a growth on my face. Over time it grew. It was raised and dark. Working in a medical setting I was often anxious that doctors would express concern over the growth and anguish that I had cancer. I received temporary relief with retirement but soon the misery returned. The situation became incredible. The growth’s appearance became magnified and darker. I felt marked by it as though all my past was growing on my cheek for the world to see – all my regrets, sins, guilt and failures. Feeling unforgivable and a mistake of God. I called a Christian Science practitioner from the Plainfield Independent Christian Science Church over months for Truth, support, and addressing several issues in my life. During the this time I noticed the growth just about gone. I can now run my fingers down over the cheek and not even feel where the growth once was. I am so grateful for my practitioner’s teachings of who God really is and the Truth of my identity. May this blessing bless others.

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