Gum Disease Healed

Chardelle from NJ

Not long ago I was talking with my practitioner and she mentioned that all the treatments and prayers continue to heal and bless. Immediately I thought of one in particular. Several years ago during a dental visit the hygienist told me that my gums were in bad condition and I was told more intervention was most likely needed. I left the office and contacted my practitioner for prayerful support with this situation. The next time I went for a dental cleaning nothing was said about my gums and I left the cleaning with flying colors.

I gave this as a testimony long ago, and this fall at another appointment with a new dental hygienist it was mentioned how she could see that I took care of my gums. I nodded and knew that it was actually the healing prayer of my practitioner that had brought this about; knowing that the prayer that healed these gums was still going on! There are many other examples of a treatment going on forever, but this is one where someone else saw the results of such wonderful prayer! I am very grateful to my practitioner for this forever healing!

On page 208 of the Blue Book Mrs. Eddy says, “Every treatment we give will go on and on forever.”

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