Healed From Full Body Eczema

Testimony From Ohio

This is my first but certainly not my last testimony. I recently asked a Plainfield practitioner for help with a long-standing case of eczema which covered me from head to toe. She suggested I work with the article “True Vision” by John Morgan and also “Age” by Mary Baker Eddy. The following statements spoke strongly to me. “And don’t look on life from any viewpoint with a protest. Cultivate a love for people exclusive of yourself and let it be that divine love that sends out joy to everyone and so happiness to self.” (From 500 Watching Points by Gilbert Carpenter, Watch # 392). I had been protesting and believing that some people within my circle were negative and unlikely ever to change.

I justified that it was just the way they were, placing myself above them in an ivory tower. That recognition was very humbling. A child I had taken care of for four years had always been a challenge. The older she got the more difficult her behavior became. I subconsciously believed that she would never be able to change. Well not surprisingly, those irritations were being manifested all over my body. I worked with the practitioner for a little over a week, at which time I felt I had made significant progress with this problem, and continued to grow daily pursuing the path of loving everyone, and trying to see them as God created them, not through limited human sight and experience.

The practitioner suggested that I read what Mrs. Eddy stresses in the article “Age.” “You change the physical manifestations in proportion to your changed thoughts.” Also from that article, I enjoyed the strong direction of the following statement. “Your faith and trust in the omnipotent power of Truth are perfect, and unclouded, and you know that God is your sufficiency. Never was one of God’s children palsied or helpless, for all his works are good and eternal.” The practitioner told me that as she worked for me, God would be perfecting all that concerned me as is stated in the verse in Psalms 138:8. During the previous six weeks I had been experiencing a persistent cough and respiratory issues. Within a couple of days of working with the practitioner, all of those symptoms disappeared, but that was not all.

Two months prior, our older dog had become lame and had been hobbling with great discomfort. My husband, who is not a Christian Scientist, had taken her to the vet and was given countless pills, none of which improved her situation. We were told that it might not improve because of her age. Three days after working with a practitioner, the dog was walking with a perfect gate and has continued to romp with the younger dogs like she was a puppy. I am so grateful for these healing’s. It is sure proof that the Lord is perfecting all that concerns me.

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