Healed of a Serious Gunshot Wound

Kelly from CA.

In California back in the 90s there were a lot of drive-by-shootings. One night my child was shot while she was at a party. I got the call late at night. I drove over to the party while my mom called the practitioner.

When I arrived at the party my daughter was lying in the ambulance. The bullet had entered her head and came out the other side. She was being taken to the helicopter to be life-flighted to Children’s Hospital. I went home, got my mom and we drove to the hospital.

The practitioner told my mom to shut down all communication going out of my daughter’s hospital room. Under no circumstances was the hospital to give out any information of my daughter’s condition to any caller. There were a lot of callers, my daughter was a popular student at school. I can’t remember any specifics about how me and my mom were praying. I had been introduced to Christian Science 13 years earlier but was still using drugs and alcohol to cope with life. I tried to “practice” Christian Science under these conditions but usually ended up throwing the Science and Health across the room because I didn’t understand it. However, I always walked over and picked the book back up.

I’m sure while driving to the hospital my mom and me repeated scientific truths the practitioner told her. I’m sure I repeated the Scientific Statement of Being over and over, still not completely understanding the meaning but knowing there was a truth in there. I knew not to let the mortal picture dictate the truth to me. I also knew my daughter would be healed. I had zero doubts about it. I knew Christian Science worked, something always told me this was the truth, even though I didn’t understand it.

The surgeon spoke to me afterwards and had the look of shock on his face. The shock wasn’t because of the trauma my daughter appeared to go through, his shock was because of my daughters healing. He was left speechless. He hadn’t seen anything like it before.

My daughter was completely healed. We walked out of the hospital six days later. The nurses tried to shove some seizure medicine in my hand telling me my daughter would need it for the rest of her life. I shoved it back at the nurse and said, “No, she is not going to need it.” But I thanked them for everything and we left.

I was very young in my studies of Christian Science when this healing happened. The practitioner who helped us understood Christian Science very well and my mom was a dedicated student. I feel their alertness to the call of duty laid the foundation down for a complete healing to take place.

God was patient with me. He knew I was a self-centered mom and revealed that to me during our hospital stay. Thirty days later I got help for my drug and alcohol problem. I continued to study the Science and Health and even started liking the Bible. Two years ago I found Plainfield Independent Church and am so in love with the Roundtables, Bible Study, Church Services, Bookstore, Testimonies, Website and Watches. Thank you for helping me understand Jesus’s Christianity and Mary Baker Eddy’s writings.

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