Healed of High Blood Pressure

L. F. – Maryland

At work, we are undergoing emergency readiness training to prepare us in the event of a disaster. As part of the exercise, we were required to undergo a physical examination.

As part of the exam, I had to have my blood pressure taken, and I prayed before and during the exam. When the nurse was done, she said, “This can’t be right, I need to redo your test.” She finished and said to me, “Your blood pressure is almost perfect — I can’t believe it.” I said, I believe it, “All things are possible with God.” You see, last year, when she took my blood pressure, she recommended I go straight to the emergency room because my blood pressure was so high. She said, back then, that with pressure that high, I should be in a coma — now it’s almost perfect.


I am so grateful to God for this healing. I know that this was a natural result of working daily with my practitioner, and of my growing understanding of God and the Truth I’ve been learning through the weekly Bible Lessons, Bible studies, and the weekly Roundtable discussions. As a result, I feel closer to God. I am so grateful for the Plainfield Church, my practitioner, and for all of you.


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