Healed of Serious Injuries from Accident

Imogene from Australia

I want to offer my great thanks to Plainfield Christian Science independent. I have received many blessings through Christian Science and many blessings since joining Plainfield independent. I am truly honoured to be a member of this Church and I am learning so much through our wonderful practitioners readers and members. I want to thank my Plainfield practitioner for all her love for her care and her insight in the holy work that she shares. Seeking her guidance and prayer across a range of issues that have since been healed, one particular incident comes to mind. I was involved in an accident a few of weeks ago resulting in some seemingly serious injuries.

Immediately I prayed Father deliver me and felt totally wrapped in God’s love, His love was all encompassing, calming and embracing me and that beautiful statement of Mrs Eddy’s came to mind when she Wrote “our disappointments and ceaseless woes, turn us like tired children to the arms of divine Love” . In this experience I witnessed the arms of divine love dissolving pain, dissolving fear, and it came to me in thought that my body was simply clay for God to fashion to perfection. The attending paramedics told me of the need to medicate and that I would most probably require immediate surgery that evening. I refused both because I could understand in that moment the great importance of maintaining my thought and aligning it to the Christ.

Waiting in the ER I worked with a Plainfield unity watch which included the statement: “Remember as Truth progresses, error grows more subtle and aggressive, but it does not become something. It always remains an illusion, and is always met and destroyed with the understanding that divine Love is the only power.” Well God carried me through that experience, showing me in the most remarkable way that divine love is indeed the only power. Looking around at the other people in the ER I was flooded with love for them. The thought came that are all God’s children who need the arms of Divine Love also. Until this experience I had always been better at praying for others then praying for myself because my personal fear would often try to disarm me of the ability to pray effectively for myself.

By loving those people in the ER and aligning my own thought for myself to that love I felt no pain I felt No Fear, and the X rays confirmed that what was thought to be a serious injury simply was not and did not require any surgery at all. As I left the ER later that night I came across the paramedics who had attended and they were overjoyed and amazed to see me walking, speaking and being discharged a few hours later with nothing but a small brace and bandage.This healing progressed over the next couple of days that it was as if the injury had never occurred and I woke one morning with three words thrilling through my consciousness “you are delivered”. You are delivered thrilled through my soul because these words were so unlike anything mortal mind would say to me, they were so filled with such great Divine love, and accompanying sense of being utterly grounded in the Kingdom nothing to touch but God’s Divinely loving care and mighty arm. So I give great thanks to to my beautiful Plainfield practitioner for her holy work and prayer for this healing through Christian Science; and I give thanks to the inspired readers here, we have such wonderful readers at Plainfield!

Thankyou to the loving members here, thankyou to the watchers who are keeping the world upheld in prayer. The Plainfield watches are remarkably concise and holistic – they are prepared absolutely with the Divine inspiration because they always talk to everything that is needed at any given moment. Working with the watch is another great blessing that has come into my life at Plainfield, I have found it profound to be a part of this great and good Holy work – we are His children and the sheep if His pasture. We are delivered. My heartfelt thanks and love to God, to Mrs Eddy and to all at Plainfield Christian Science Church Independent.

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