Healing of the Flu

Adah M. Jandt, Sioux City, Ia.

My coming to Christian Science was from the beginning, the happiest, most satisfying experience I had ever known. For some time, I had sought the explanation of several theological questions, but without success. The common theory of the atonement seemed cruel, and illogical, as well; the teaching that God is the only power and yet that there is an evil power, the devil, was likewise contrary to reason and no one seemed able to make these doctrines clear to me.

One day, I read something about Christian Science in which there was a statement to the effect that since God is all, there is no devil, and I immediately decided to investigate the subject. I went to church the next day and met there a friend who loaned me “No and Yes” and “Rudimental Divine Science” by Mary Baker G. Eddy, which I read eagerly, and thought I should try the rules I found in them and prove whether or not they were true.

Two weeks after, while caring for one who was ill with the grip(flu), I seemed to contract the same symptoms myself. Saying nothing of my trouble to any one, I began declaring, “God, Spirit, is all, and there is none beside Him” (Science and Health, p. 421), and kept on reading the books.

The ailment seemed to last three days, getting worse all the time, until one morning I awoke perfectly free and well. Then I knew, positively, that Christian Science was the truth, for I had seen the demonstration of its Principle; and any one who doubts Christian Science can prove its truth for himself, if he will only seek out its rules and use them faithfully and constantly.

Many things which occupied my time and attention before coming to this understanding have gradually been given up—but without any feeling that it was a sacrifice to do so, for every moment that can be given to the study and demonstration of Christian Science brings with it a truer joy than could be gained by the pursuit of happiness through material means.

When I first opened Science and Health, the thought came, “What if this book should change my whole life?” And it did. It taught me, first, to understand the truth; second, how to live it; and, third, how to love it.

Each day brings some demonstration of God’s allness, and with every clearer glimpse of all-powerful Love I feel more deeply grateful to the one who, in this age, has worked and suffered to dispel the clouds of material belief that have hidden the truth through all the ages, and who has made clear to human understanding the Principle and rules, which alone produce the harmony and peace that Jesus experienced and taught.

From the October 1903 issue of The Christian Science Journal

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