Issue of Blood Stanched

M. A. in Australia

We have had many blessings of lifting of mood and greater sense of hope and optimism since listening to your wonderful contributions on YouTube and working with a very kind and wise practitioner.

I care for a relative who has many health issues. She is nearly 80 years old and is partial to the teachings of Christian Science. She has suffered over forty years from giving birth to her children. Recently she had two weeks of bleeding as if she had her period again, and we were scared. Her doctors were equally concerned, and surgery was proposed, and the plans began. The more we looked at surgery the more anxious we became as heart problems meant the surgery would be risky and recovery slow.

I asked my relative if we could use some Christian Science practices together that my practitioner had taught us. We read the story of the bleeding woman who touched Christ’s cloak in a crowd. We read three versions of this story in Matthew, Mark, and Luke, and affirmed that Christ could heal my relative in the same way today.

The next day the bleeding was almost completely gone! We praised God and read the Bible accounts again. The bleeding completely stopped and has not returned. That was a week ago. Today we are going to ring the doctors and tell them she doesn’t need surgery after all. We are amazed.

As people new to Christian Science, we are adjusting to the fact that this could be true. We are asking ourselves if something other than God could have caused it, and then we catch ourselves and give the credit to God. All good things come from God. God is Good. God doesn’t create pain or suffering. God does not send punishments. God is Love and God sends blessings, and these blessings teach us to come closer to Him.

We also remind ourselves that the miracles of healing can come gently. They can come naturally and gently without alarming us. We just have to remember to rejoice and give God our praise.

We have huge gratitude to Mary Baker Eddy, Plainfield Christian Science Church, Independent, and everyone who has contributed to the website, the Roundtables, the testimonials, the readings, music, and our dedicated practitioner. We would not be in this very blessed place without you.

With big blessings and abundant love.

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