Newborn Baby Healed of Heart Condition

C. C. – New Jersey

Several months ago, my neighbor, who was expecting her second child, said the doctors told her that there was something very wrong with her unborn baby’s heart and there was a very good chance the baby would not live. They told her that if the baby did live, she would need surgery right away, and they arranged for her to have the baby in a hospital a distance away that specializes in the care of critically ill infants. She asked if I would pray, along with her family, that the baby would be alright.

In praying, the thought came to me that “there is no defect in perfect Mind”; and I knew this was a message from God that the baby would be alright. This child is a perfect idea of God, held safely in Mind, immersed in God’s love, where no error or defect could possibly touch her.

On the day the baby was born, the doctors were amazed, because her heart was beating! They said that since she was doing so well, the surgery could be postponed for a while until she’s a little bigger and better able to deal with the procedure.

Now, about a month later, they are amazed again, because they’ve seen that the heart is restructuring itself, and they now say that she may never need surgery at all! Of course she won’t — God’s work is perfect and can’t be improved upon. The hospital staff is calling her the miracle baby, and my neighbor tells everyone that God did it — and they all agree that there is no other explanation.

I am so grateful to God for this wonderful proof of His power and love for His children. The word “awesome” is often used lightly; but to see the power of God is truly awesome.

Thank God for Mary Baker Eddy, who gave Christian Science to the world, and for the trust in God’s healing power that it gives. Truly, with God, all things are possible!

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