Pain in Joints Healed

Lynda, NJ.

I started feeling achy joints one evening. I listened to some readings on the Plainfield Church website and felt relief and could rest. The next morning, preparing for the day, the pain returned and made it difficult to move my arms and walk up and downstairs. I called my Plainfield practitioner and asked her for prayerful help. She said, “You can only be blessed by working for others and God.” I felt the power of the words and the fact that as you work for God, life is a blessing. About 10 minutes after I hung up, the pain had diminished and I could move freely and walk up and down the stairs with strength. At some point there was no more pain. Later, I went for a walk outdoors and completed a full day of work. I was very grateful for the freedom and the feeling of God‘s presence and care.

I am so grateful to be part of this mission in sharing with the world Mary Baker Eddy in her true light, our Bible studies, and Christ Jesus.

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