Paralyzed Child Healed

Jacinta Hillis from West Australia

When fairly new in Christian Science inspirations came to me, I saw that I relied on Practitioners for healing always, but it was revealed to me that God is the healer. Having had so many healings even in the night on call, from especially one loving Practitioner, it gave me confidence to know God is always willing and certainly able to heal. Then the question came to my thought “what would you do if you could not contact a Practitioner?” As by this stage in life I had no confidence in the medical so decided I would have to rely on God in such a situation, as I did not feel I was competent to heal.

“Yes,” I thought, “I would have to rely wholly on God to perform the healing and I knew he would do it”.

I knew that declaring a diagnosis as in the medical model was not in the interests of the patient.

A short time after these thoughts, my 8yr. old son whilst rollerblading sat on a light-weight chair and toppled backwards off the two metre balcony, the middle of his spine hitting a huge sharp rock. He could not move at all. I made 4 calls to Practitioners, between checking him for movement each time, his sister staying by him confirming his lack of movement. I felt my choices were to call an ambulance and have them declare him paralyzed or rely wholly on God. I closed my mind wholly and absolutely on such morbid conclusions for my precious child and determined to rely wholly and Absolutely on the Almighty. It dawned on me that it had been God who asked me what I would do if I could not find a Practitioner. I had always found Practitioners contactable.

I knelt on the ground beside the two children, I bowed now in full humility knowing God would indeed heal this boy himself directly. I mentally asked if there were anything God required of me, knowing the Almighty was indeed adequate of Himself.

I now knew the Almighty was present and he indicated to the Christ Jesus.

I had an impression of their Presence. I knew to wait for direction if any, and simply obey. I spiritually saw the arm of Christ raise and the words “Arise and walk” emphatically. I was not sure if the children would understand if I spoke this to them, so I thought how I may convey it to them, and immediately I knew to say “do you remember when mummy said that God made you Perfect?” ( I frequently told this to my children). My son nodded affirmatively and my daughter answered “Yes”. I felt certain this was a good sign. I continued “well if God made you Perfect, do you know that ‘nothing’ can ‘ever’ change that?” They said “yes” I knew the inspiration of Christ was with them also and that the healing was assured.

I turned to my son affirmatively: “well then, when you are ready, you can sit up, and I will carry you upstairs, and you can rest on the couch, then when you are ready, you can go and play, ok?” My son nodded affirmatively, then in a few moments he began to sit up. It felt natural. As we proceeded, in thought I knew, I must rise in using all my Mother Love as the strength of a Lion, to mentally and absolutely, hold and bar the door of any intruding thought whatsoever.

As we entered inside, the room lit up as though the light of the sun had come through all the windows. As well a sense of calm, sublime peace, and complete assurance that the healing was done, came over us. My son rested a few moments sitting up, but soon stood up and went to play in the room with his sister.

Much later on when checking, there was no broken skin only the slightest pink where the impact appeared to have been.

Glory to the Almighty and His Christ, the Saviour who has “rolled away the stone” obstacle.

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