Pregnancy Saved

M. T. of France

Last year I received the great news that my office partner and his wife were expecting a baby. In September (on a Monday, if I recall it right) the water of the expectant mother broke and she was rushed to a hospital, since she was only in the 21st week of her pregnancy. Several doctors agreed on a “judgment,” and all told the couple that there is no hope: there is no way of the membranes healing and the water refilling, especially at this stage of the pregnancy. In two days, they were already talking about the baby in past tense. They were told that there will definitely be an operation to remove the baby, but that they will still carry out a few measurements on Friday.

When this happened, I kept on declaring that this verdict is impossible and that the Bible says “let God be true and every man a liar” (Romans 3:4), meaning that all material knowledge and diagnoses are lies in the face of God’s Truth about this matter. However, I was not able to cope with the suppressed fear and the personal impact the sorrow of my dear friends made on me.

On Tuesday I called a Plainfield practitioner for support in my prayers. She listened and mentioned the prayer Mary Baker Eddy said (from the Blue Book), “Thank you Father, that there is nothing that can come in between you and this little child!” For two days I received no different news from my friends, only repetitions of earlier statements; however, I knew that God was working His purpose out.

On Thursday, my friend called me to say that he was at that moment driving his wife home from the hospital, and that she only needed to stay in bed and move around very carefully for a few days. They did not even have to wait for Friday’s tests. All was well.

I was so grateful for this wonderful demonstration of divine Love! This is how before God “sorrow turns into joy” in a moment! What cannot God do?!!! I am so grateful to God, for Christian Science and for the practitioner’s support! And I am happy to say that the little baby arrived at the end of January perfectly healthy and on time!

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