Prostate Cancer Diagnosis Reversed

Lainey from Massachusetts

I provide care for an indivdual. When I went there the first day, he asked me if I knew what intuition meant. I said yes, so we talked about it, and then we began to talk about Christian Science. I began to read him the lesson. He also tunes in to the Plainfield Christian Science Website. He can only do things with a long stick in his mouth, because he has no use of his arms. He is able to get around the website quite well.

Generally he gets a urine or bladder infection every two or three months and ends up in a hospital, so we worked through the infection, and the thought that it was going to come again. One day he said to me, “Laney, it’s been four or five months since I’ve gotten a urine infection. I just realized it.” He was so grateful. He then said, “My Dad has come to me and said he has prostate cancer.” So we began to work with that, and what I asked him to do was to really look at his Dad as qualities, the qualities of God, the expressions of God. So he began to do that. As he did this, his whole being became light. It was just amazing. I would walk in the room five days a week, and there would just be light in the room. As he began to love the qualities of his father he was beginning to understand that God expresses all true individual being which was his Father. Then his Father’s reports started coming back one at a time, and he was getting better. One day he said his numbers were coming down. He went back to his doctor and the doctor was quite stunned. He said “I find nothing here.” He was just beaming with light in Thanksgiving and gratitude. He loves Christian Science, loves the Plainfield website, and is learning so much every day from studying what is found on the church website.

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