Reaction to Pollen Healed

Nancy from N.J.

I want to express my gratitude for our Wednesday evening meetings. I look forward to them each week. I am especially grateful for all the testimonies given at these meetings. Every Wednesday I come away with many fresh and inspiring ways to apply Christian Science through hearing how other people apply this Science in their lives. I am so grateful to all who share their testimonies of gratitude, healings and blessings received, and I know that by their sharing, they do go on to bless others.

In a testimony given recently by Mrs. Singleterry, she shared several verses from hymns that she used when praying for the belief of allergies or breathing problems. One particular verse given from hymn #195 was really helpful to me. “Girt with the love of God, on every side, I breathe that love as heavens own healing air.” I started using it daily in my prayers not only to counter the belief of allergies, but also to counteract the belief of air pollution, and many other false beliefs of breathing problems. I also had the opportunity to share this verse with a few other people in need. Several days ago, while outside doing a little yard work, I noticed how thick the pollen was on everything outside. I began to get a sore throat that started to escalate quickly, and my ear started to ache. I knew right then, that I had entertained a wrong thought, and I quickly turned to that verse. I began repeating it for a few minutes, knowing that God’s Love was all around me, and that I could only breathe in His love as heaven’s own healing air.

As quickly as the sore throat came it left, and I was able to stay outside and complete what I needed to do with no ill effects. It was truly proof of a blessing received from a testimonyshared. I am so grateful to God for this blessing. I’m so grateful for my practitioners' support, and for all that we are given in this beautiful church.

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