Restored to a Sound State

From C. C. in New Jersey

Mrs. Eddy has said that when you stand up to error, it backs off and runs away.

A couple of weeks ago, seemingly out of nowhere, every flu symptom I’ve ever heard of hit me all at once. I thought of the article, “Death Overcome,” in Bicknell Young’s book, and how the person argued and fought back against error’s arguments — and won.

So I fought back. I hit it with the Scientific Statement of Being over and over, and then every other Truth I could think of. As soon as I could, I called a practitioner for help; and she asked me to study Mrs. Eddy’s article “Contagion,” which I did.

In just about two hours, I called the practitioner back to say I was completely healed and was looking around for something to eat. That was entirely the end of it.

I’m so glad for this proof that we don’t have to give in to these impositions, but we can rise in rebellion against them, as Mrs. Eddy says! I thank God for this quick healing, and I’m very grateful for the help of the practitioner.

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