Serious Foot Injury from Accident Healed

C., Boston, Mass.

We hear it often affirmed that Christian Science is good enough for nervous troubles, but when organic diseases, or disorder arising from accidents appear, it is high time to appeal to the surgeon or materia medica. The following experience may not appeal to such as rest blindly upon this dictum of mortal mind, but it may help some one seeking for something beyond matter and material theories and their supposititious laws.

Going to my office one morning, myself and my wheel got tangled up with a sand wagon. In my one desire to get my bicycle out of the way of advancing wheels I fell to the pavement, and the driver, not seeing me, drove quietly on. My right leg was flat upon the pavement, so that my foot was lying upon the side. The wheel passed over the foot at the instep.

I went on my way to my office. I took my shoe off at once, and pain soon began to make a very strong plea. This was met in a few moments and it never after troubled me, except the first night or two, when it awakened me from sleep, but disappeared quickly when met with Truth and Love. I was obliged to resort to crutches for locomotion.

The fear of broken bones had suggested an examination by a surgeon, but this was met with the thought that “a bone of him shall not be broken.” This all happened upon Thursday. Saturday, being under engagement to lecture in the afternoon, and knowing that I should have to stand for at least an hour and a half, the tempter said: “You had better stay at home this morning and give all your time to an effort to remove this disability.” But the answering thought of Truth said: “No; your students have a right to your time, and no error can prevent the fulfilment of just obligations.”

Immediately with this thought came the sense of ability to walk without crutches, and I went to the classroom, and lectured without them, and never again used them. Freedom in walking was not demonstrated for about ten days, but when the claim, which seemed to be not with the foot but with the ankle, left me, it did so with the suddenness with which it appeared. That is, one moment I experienced great trouble in walking, the next perfect freedom.

Christian Science is the Word of God, not because of the healing, for that is but a sign, but because it brings the knowledge of God as ever-present and omnipotent Life and Love, liberating human hope and faith from the dungeon of material sense, revealing man’s sonship in the divine Mind, and hence his at-one-ment with the “Father of lights,with whom can be no variation, neither shadow that is cast by turning” (James, I: 17, Am. Rev.)

Excerpt From the January 1903 issue of The Christian Science Journal

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