Severe Toothache Healed

Patricia from Ontario

A family member called to say that he had such a severe toothache that he couldn’t move or even think. He told me that he would have to save up enough money first, and must wait a few weeks before he would be able to book a consultation with a dentist, for antibiotics and treatment. He said, “I have left my teeth unattended since I was 17 years old”. I volunteered to pray for him. I asked, “Have you not left your spiritual studies unattended since you were 17?” “But, God has not left you unattended.”

I texted him the words, “W-H-O-L-E. Not H-O-L-E”. Consultation: Isaiah 45:11: Thus said the Lord, “Ask me of things to come.” He said that he was very afraid that he would be held down and a Covid Vaccine administered to him again his will (as has occurred recently in our area). I thought to myself, “Behold God’s perfect man.” I said to him, “God will hold you up/support and guide you. Spirit cannot be held in the grasp of matter. Even one teensy spiritual thought that you can remember from Sunday School is mightier than a trillion so-called medical or dental laws.

Because he was swearing, I added, “Just make sure you are using your teeth wisely, Dear!” The purpose of teeth is to smile; to laugh at error; to sing God’s praise; to shout – God is all! God is the only I AM, the only reality. The purpose of teeth is to speak the holy Truth; to spread the Gospel, (which means The GOOD News)-and not to publicize the spread of error (or evil). Then I thought to myself, “We need to bite into God’s holy food-Truth, and to chew on it… think about it until we reach the point, that we love Divine Life and God-Good. And, we need to swallow or digest God’s Word … that is to believe and understand it.

He reported that his pain had immediately stopped … by 70%. But, he told me that he had lost one half of his clientele due to Covid. He also spoke about his fear of Communism encroaching in Canada. My prayer switched to an acknowledgment of God’s government and Jesus’ words (Luke 11:13), “Thine is the kingdom, and the power, and the glory, forever! AMEN!!! The pain then completely ceased. He said that no antibiotics would be necessary, and that his work was starting to pick up.

While cleaning, I found $1,500.00 that his grandfather had left for him 5 years earlier with a note, “For use when you need it”. I thank God for this healing! And I gratefully acknowledge that my studies of the Bible and Science and Health on the Plainfield website helped to give me the confidence to ask him if he wanted me to pray for him.

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