Surgery No Longer Needed After Prayer

Imogene from Australia

I wanted to offer my deepest thanks to my Plainfield Practitioner. I am extremely grateful for regular phone calls to her where she has shared deep learning and corrections lovingly given for me to work on in my study of Christian Science.

A couple of years ago the tendon in a finger on my dominant hand were injured – and although I understood enough of Christian Science for a healing which saved me from surgery at the time of injury, for which I am extremely grateful, I had unwittingly allowed the medical suggestions of limitation to stay with me. As a result, progress had been slow and I had sometimes thought about going to the recommended specialists but I knew God could heal me, our dear master physician, and I knew that there would be something needing to come to light so that His glory would be manifest in this situation, and my hand would be healed and strong. I wasn’t scared or worried about this finger, and had recently gotten to the point where I didn’t really care if it ever fully healed from a human perspective. I hadn’t mentioned this injury to my Practitioner at all, because I just didn’t feel right to ask for more, when we are taught here truly that God has already given us all so much and its over to us to be grateful by showing God our Love through obedience to his Law in our lives.

During a recent discussion with my Plainfield Practitioner she was instructing me in true and loving forgiveness. I listened intently to the wisdom she was sharing with me, and I felt a softness come into my thought; at the same time I noticed that this previously injured finger started to soften and almost “unstick” as we were speaking. After the call I cradled my finger softly in my other hand and I was able to move it a little bit more, making it a little bit straighter. I felt a deep sense of the Father’s care and love in this little yet mighty movement. One night when I was chopping some sweet potatoes I just said “o come on Imogene, you know God heals all, get your act together woman!!” And then the thought came “stretch out your hand!” And I did and it started to become stronger and straighter unstick a little bit more as I then gripped the knife more firmly and chopped away. And then… just before I called my Practitioner this last week gone by, I was able to spontaneously move my finger and hold it straighter than for the last 2 years!

Through studying at Plainfield Independent I have come to realise how much our Father Mother God loves each one of us. It doesn’t matter where you have come from or what kind of mortal suffering you have seemed to live through or the mortal victim picture you had of yourself. None of it is True. We are each his beloved Children. What a blessed comfort this is to know. To know and to love our dearest Father Mother God with everything that we are and to thank Him for this beautiful life and world, for all the people and creatures that inhabit this big wide wonderful glorious universe that He has made, we are in His Kingdom and His Love and he tenderly cradles us all so safely. And His Kingdom is a beautiful place is to be as my dear Practitioner often says. Yes it is indeed.

I thank our dear God, King of the universe – the master physician thank you for giving me back my strong hand I’m so very grateful. Thank you to dear Christ Jesus and Mary Baker Eddy for bringing this, the light joy and love of the Christ power in Christian healing. I am very grateful to our dearest Plainfield practitioner for her prayers and teaching and to all our practitioners, workers, members and friends at dearest Plainfield Independent, thankyou all so much and so much love to you all.

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