Grateful to Hear the Voice of God Again

I am so grateful and can’t keep to myself. I am so grateful for Christian Science and I’m so grateful that the Plainfield Christian Science church became independent. The information provided from Plainfield is so unique and beneficial. I learn so much from the articles from Herbert W Eustace, Bicknell Young, Gilbert Carpenter, and Mrs. Martha Wilcox. My life is changing. I love my life. I would like to share with you what I mean.

I was born in El Salvador in 1970. I was raised with no religion. My father was a wonderful father and a military man who kept religion away from us. God always made a way into our lives, however. In 1980 my father was killed during the civil war in my country. I was present during this event. I was 10. My mother had to leave the county, she came to the USA to be able to provide for us. We were 3 girls. I am the youngest. A neighbor had shared Psalm 91 with us, she said that we should read it if we ever felt scared. I learned Psalm 91 and felt a sleep repeating it many nights. Because the death of my father I found myself lost and confused.

One day I told myself that I was going to pretend that my father had not died and try to live my life pretending. At that very moment, I heard a voice that told me that I should not believe lies and that I should learn the truth. The voice told me that He was my real father and I could trust Him. And I did. I lived my life following the counsel of the voice, which I called God. Since my mother had left, we had to live in different places, with different people and I always follow the voice of God and I never struggled with anything. People would always loved me and cared for me no mater where I went. Every time I felt scared because of the war going on, I was always able to run to God. It was marvelous. It was just like Psalm 91 says, I was dwelling in the secret place of the Most High. My childhood was wonderful because of this relationship I had with God. I remember I read the whole bible when I was 10 and follow the proverbs to the mark. God showed me and thought me so many wonderful thing.

I never followed religion. This was done just by been able to listen to the voice of God and willing to follow Him. I guess that since I was a kid, I didn’t have anything worldly or mortal mind that could stand in the way. In my late teens, I gave room to mortal mind and I lost my connection with God. I had tried to gain it back, but I had not been successful. I studied different religions on my own but it didn’t help. Until now that I found Mrs Eddy’s Christian Science. I am starting to hear the voice of God again. I am starting to go into His presence like I used to, the secret place of the Most High. It’s taking me to work for it. And I’m glad to do the work. There is still a lot for me to learn, but I know that I am going the right way now. Each day it gets better.

I am so grateful for Christian Science and for the Plainfield Christian Science church. I appreciate all the work that is done in Plainfield.

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