Luggage Found

L. T. from New York

This past week I had an opportunity to visit a close friend of mine, in Georgia, who first introduced me to Christian Science. During or visit, she gave me a few things that meant a lot to me. On the way back home, I had to transfer to a different plane than I was scheduled to take and my suitcase did not follow me. I was deeply saddened that I had lost the items she gave me. My mind went back to the past where it seemed that everything I held dear to me was taken away. This is something that I have struggled with for a long time.

I called my Practitioner about the suitcase and she immediately told me to let go of any personal sense, get my heart right with God and don’t let it steal my joy. It was true. I was not at peace at all with my relationship with God. I was not putting God first. It was like everything I had been learning in Christian Science just flew out the window. I hadn’t even thought about the fact that my bible and science and health were also in the suitcase, until I was sent a lesson to proof. When I did realize it, I told my Practitioner and she said, those things are of God and for that reason, they will come back to me. I worked for a week, reconnecting to God and the truths I have learned. When I could finally let go of any personal sense of my friend and the items she gave me and when I finally felt at peace and could put God first in my desires, the airport called and said they found my suitcase and that it would be deliver that day.

I am so grateful to my Practitioner for her strong work in this matter. I am grateful to have my bible and Science and Health back so I can continue to work for the Church and for the lesson I was taught regarding personal sense. I am grateful to God for everything I have been given.

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