Marriage Saved

J. O. in New Jersey

A year ago my wife asked for a divorce, after 23 years of marriage, and two beautiful twins. I felt there was no light at the end of this tunnel, and all seemed lost financially, physically and emotionally. After a time, I remembered a family member talking about Christian Science, and I wondered if it could help me, so I looked for a church. The church in my town had closed, but a police officer told me there was an independent church in Plainfield.

I walked through the door of the Plainfield Church one rainy April night, sat down in a pew, and prayed as best I knew how. At the end of the service, I was given an article written by a practitioner here at Plainfield, which helped me through the dark places and the dark thoughts. It is entitled the “Law of Recovery.” It tells the Bible story of David, who returned from battle with his men to find that their city had been burned, and their families taken captive. As distraught as they all were, “David encouraged himself in the Lord,” and prayed to God for guidance. God told him to pursue the enemy and recover what they had taken. David obeyed, saved the captives, and recovered everything.

This wonderful Bible story helped me to see I could encourage myself in the Lord, I could pray to God, since He is an ever-present help. I faithfully called a Plainfield practitioner for help, and was always given wonderful, helpful statements of Truth to work with. I just found out recently that my wife decided not to go through with the divorce. I am humbly grateful to God and to the practitioner for all the many prayers, and for all that she has taught me.

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