Tense Work Environment Turned Around

Imogene from Australia

I would like to express my thanks for Sunday’s Roundtable that reminded me that it is divine love that does the healing and saving work in Christian Science. Being raised Mormon I had never learned the Lord’s Prayer, in fact I had been erroneously told that it was wrong and bad. When God first brought me to Christian Science as an adult I was struck by the utterly wholesome and pure love that Mary Baker Eddy expressed when she wrote her spiritual interpretation of the Lord’s Prayer. In it she says “Adorable One.” In Christian Science I have been awakening to the truth that this adorable one is indeed a God of love, a God for all mankind, and very different to the judgy God of false theology, because the true God in Christian Science loves every single one of us. One of the things that my practitioner at this church has been helping me with is learning how to let go of the human sense of justice so that I can truly let God, good, love, reign in my life which is what Jesus commanded us to do.

Recently I engaged a new provider. I had spent a few working sessions with him and I had noticed that he had started to become extremely political in our discussions. At one meeting he had started to slander Christianity. Afterwards I was not sure if I would continue working with him so I prayed about it. I did some searching and found an alternative provider if needed. As we have been taught here I then prayed again before deciding to go through with another session with this person to see if hatred had been annulled by God’s love. In working this through I could feel animal magnetism arcing up within me, trying to make me angry, to defend my God, but we are taught here truly that human anger, hatred, or animal magnetism, is not the way to overthrow error.

Recently I have been listening to a wonderful recording on the Plainfield website, “Evil Obsolete”, from “Addresses by Martha Wilcox” which states, “A Christian Scientist must be a Christian Scientist all the time.” So I listened to this wonderful recording on the way to the meeting. After about 20 minutes this person spontaneously said you know, I get new clients like you and we have two or three meetings together and then they just disappear. They seem happy with my work but they never come back after the second or third meeting. I felt a rush of love when he said that because all the puffed up mortal mind that had been presenting had disappeared, and I could see a man who didn’t understand why he was losing business. I could see that he was free of hatred. Truly this was God speaking to him. I am always learning more and more that my erroneous puny sense of human justice is never right and it could never truly help that person. It is the Christ who does the helping, and the healing, and the loving, and the giving, and the guiding, and the caring. I give great thanks. I love you my God. I thank you for all the caring and loving compassion that you pour out to us all. Little mortals reaching out to know you, and please you, to love you, to love our fellow man.

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