Breathing Issues from Wild Fire Smoke Lifted Through Prayer

Luanne from NY

In the morning I went outside and the entire yard was filled the haze of smoke from the wild fires in Canada. It was very disturbing because the air was so thick that I could hardly breathe. About 10 am. I wrote to my Practitioner about it and she guided me to work with her testimony “Heaven’s own healing air”, on our church web site. I listened to it several times and all I could think of for the rest of the day was “Breathing that love of Heaven’s own healing air”, from Hymn # 195. By 4 O’clock the air quality was so much better. I could barely smell any smoke at all. The air pollutant level dropped from 100 down to 41 and it started to rain in a very large area, here and across the border into Montreal and Ottawa.

I am very grateful for the help with this and all the work my Practitioner and the weather comity did to turn this situation around. It is very powerful the work that they do and I saw proof of that today.

I would like to add that the following day the air pollutant level went down to 11 and the clouds parted. We were looking at blue sky for the first time in over a week.

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