Wildfires Stopped Through Prayer

J. H. – California

We who live in this area of California, had a wonderful proof of the supremacy of Spirit a few weeks ago when lightning started six fires, which were rapidly brought under control. Some were burning in inaccessible areas, and the threat seemed widespread. This wasn’t very close by, but the wind brought the smoke this way and it was suffocating. You had to keep your doors and windows tightly closed.

The Lesson Sermon for that week was a strong support, as I focused on it, and one word remained with me, — “all” — A-L-L, — set in italics. I was led to open my Concordance and textbook, Science and Health, and I focused on that one word, “all.” I prayerfully read and pondered 75 references on that subject, and my thought filled with the realization of God’s allness and goodness as the law of divine Love that was appearing to save us and all mankind, and was in control everywhere, all the time.

As fire crews worked heroically, I worked quietly in prayer, and I’m sure many others were praying, also. By about 9:00 or 10:00 p.m. that first night, I could open the door, letting the screen door bring in the cool summer night air. There was hardly any smell of smoke by then. Three fires were out the next day, and the other three in another day or two. This seemed very fast, a wonderful proof of the supremacy of Spirit, God’s loving care of us all, as our divine Father-Mother. I’m so very grateful for Christian Science, and for the spiritualization of thought it brings about, which results in healing.

The Bible Lessons are very much appreciated, clear and strong, and unfold inspiration and spiritualization as I study them. Many demonstrations and healings come about as I ponder these Lessons and see better how to put into practice the truths they bring to light, and I am most grateful for the Quarterly Lessons. Day by day, they unfold healing inspiration and bring us the comfort and strength we need, as the promised comforter.

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